Sunday, January 15, 2006

freak out

it's one of those days when everyone can be freaked out like what happened this afternoon. i'm glad that i've handled it different from the past and it's by God's grace that i know now i'm once again changed.

well, but just to share, i used to see and have one of those reflection of my life during times like this and the thoughts of grieving ppl freaked me out. but today, it's no more that, just thoughts of God's reign in my life that was in my mind. that's good....


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invisg0th said...


was hoping to see u online, but havent seen u on msn so thought i'll tag.
thanks for hanging out.. even though i was only back for a mere min.

i'm sure i'll get to chill with u chiongsters again soon..

meanwhile, stay cool and funky always.