Saturday, April 13, 2002

i think there is a lull somewhere

for awhile, i was ask by a "long time to talk" friend over icq, and the question was, "so, what's the name of your band?"

i was thinking to myself.
woah, haven really jam with some of the bands.....
basically, I'm officially out of Surreal, just sessioning for them for their KL tour in June. The Let Down Response is slow at this point as well, due to the fact that, dewi and wan are bz with all the shows marchtwelve are going through, Marcus is bz with his exams. Kids Gone Wrong (previously know as Skyturnsgray) have their bassist , shawn, in army......just got enlisted. and yeah, marcus is bz as mentioned. so nothing been done so far......
Surreal's current lineup is
Glenn Lim (guitars) Jon Chan (guitars) johnC (bass) Gordo (vox) milton (drums)
we just jammed today, ended off with a very generic emo style un-emo it is that it can be so generic.....pui

I need more new music!!!!

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