Monday, April 29, 2002

RTF Launch and thank you list

great day, great show. thanks everyone who had chipped in a little to help. and of course, thank God who has pulled me through the gig. i'm really beaten inside out.
thanks Dee for been so supportive, love you many many, Sham and Anne for standing alongside, Gordon for waking up the earliest to attend to the tentage contractors, Glenn for leaving his bag at S11, hahaha, Liana who helped manage the front desk handling Aaron, Milton and Marcus, the KL boys who are probably still on the bus on their way home, Dinslife who looked so pretty (i think He won "HAir-Do of the Day" contest if there's one) Nizam and Shidah who took over the merch table at the end, that bald fella (see below) for supplying the qoute of the day, Cowan who said about 9 times "Sorry for the turn out", Dewi for being cute, Joseph and Wan for Jumping, All the other Jons for being themselves, Daniel Sassoon who is such a jock (i didn't really notice last time) hahahaha, Peishan for Red Letter Zine, Ronny who looked so stressed, Shain who also looked stress and everyone else.....who has one way or another spoke to me or at least maintain eye contact for 1/50th of a second. thank you guys, i need to sleep...........

qoute of the day:

haha, some bald fella with a singa patch on his army style jacket asked me today "you ne-never seen a skin before izzit?"

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