Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Something to write about

well, monday is gone just like that......i'm about 12 hours feeling "handicapped" without my SBU1265L.......the Daewoo sales girl named "MIMI" will have to deregister it later first thing in the morning, and she will be registering (as how Dewi says it) "My New Daewoo", now keeping my fingers crossed for the new number plate......i hope it's something with 3 numbers. hehe...nothing to do with 3 letters mind you.

went to Carrefour just now, bought some sushi and yakult. dee got a new phone.....so happy for her. we sat in the car parked at marina south enjoying our little conversation, munching off the sushis, getting our noses "burned" by the wasabi. even tho it was just an hour or so there, I really enjoyed it. we are begining to have more and more of such moments...but maybe only that's because she's not working at the moment. I remember those days when we can only meet up like twice or three times a week, and only spend � hour to either have a quick supper or just sending her home. I must say, my working hours are odd, and so are hers. but this few months, we are begining to have more of such wonderful time, i hope it never ends......

Tonight will be our first class for the so called "PMC" (pre-marital councelling), it will last for 8 weeks, ends around end of May. wonder how it's gonna be like. heard that alot of couples fall out � way through the course. anyways, i go then see how la.....oredi sign up......hehe...but i must say, just for u guys, I have not propose as yet. on the form that we were filling up. there are 2 boxes that says

1) Planning for Marriage

2) Exploring our Relationship

and we both agreed to tick numbo 2..... not that we have no confident. just wanna go through it.....heh

anyways, i better go listen to Marchtwelve's MDs......need to catch more songs......


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