Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Dashboard ain't Rock but Emo Star

TIME.com: Emotional Rescue

part of it goes.....
Chris Carrabba has a fine, high voice and looks like a genetic cross between Luke Perry and Jason Priestley. But these attributes have little to do with his success. Frequently, Carrabba � who goes by the stage name Dashboard Confessional � doesn't even sing during his performances. He just strums an acoustic guitar while the audience of mostly middle-class white kids shouts every word of his desperate, heartbroken lyrics in a sort of primal-scream karaoke. "It's almost cultlike," says Carrabba of his fans' spooky intensity. "I know they're endearing songs, but there are a lot of endearing songs."

You might think Carrabba is a rock star. He's not. He's an emo star.

got this link from ephraime......enjoy reading......

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