Sunday, May 05, 2002

emo (silent) drive strikes back

yes, it's back, and i just got home from a long almost 100km drive with full of The Gloria Record spinning us yet another round of emotionally heart felt drive.......

slacked and rested half the day away today, adjusted the look of the blog....and i thought i should have far more better things to do but but then again, it's quite an effort in terms of when html codes are involved. I'm still semi-familiar with it...
met dee at bras basah, she bought me hotdogs from Ikea but i didn't manage to finish it. went to Marina Square originally wanted to go to Seoul Garden for dinner then again after looking at the prices, we headed off to a nearby food court. wanted to catch spiderman and yet another let down, but come to think about it, it's impossible to get seats on a saturday evening. so after dinner, we just headed back home.
well, i was about to reached home when jo called me, i turned back towards town and joined jo, dewi and wan at Starbucks (Millenia), chatted, some topics were about friends and it went on to silly TV/Radio programs, and other stuffs, somehow the cat with 9 tails came about before dewi stopped me. hahaha, I'm definitely sure that has nothing to do with some kinky, dodgy S&M thingie.
well, it took the guys quite awhile to persuade me to give them a ride back, to me, i'm always game, just that i thought i was pretty tired. but then again, i haven hanged out with them for quite awhile, and no harm having another emo drive on the way......i noticed Jo was rather over-emo-ed during the drive, whom at first didn't want to go home, so i guess that's some way to get this boy back home earlier than he wanted..hehe
and so, just wanna propose a toast to The Gloria Record.....for writing such great music. hur hur

......They rolled the stones away and let everyone come right in and say hello to me. They picked me up and held me there and smiled at my crumpled wings. And all of this just as I was beginning to have the most amazing dream. .......[the gloria record - miserere]

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