Saturday, May 04, 2002

The Fellowship

Everytime I feel like I'm alone, I'm wrong. I'm never alone cause You are always here.

Today was another short day for me, well, at least I made it that way, by slacking � the day away. arrived at office at about 2pm just to edit part of wakemupmusic website, and designing some new teaser for Sonic Edge with Glenn. the rest of the day was spent in church attending a seminar. the time spent after that was excellent, with satay and carrot cake and nice conversations. then the ride home with a bit of planes mistaken for stars, the gloria record, the get up kids and ending off with dashboard confessional on my car's stereo. and of course any conversation with Joe is cool and ignoring Tessa at the back seat, blasting the music and sing-a-long.....hehe.

people on my mind : Dee, Shain, The RTF boys.

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