Wednesday, May 08, 2002

here i am

Here I am sitting in Dee's office, nothing to do much, just bought her a packet of tea. she's still doing her work. and here i am.....listening to Robbie Williams, and i must say this again, the producer is good. haha.
well, when everyone would have just puked reading the previous line, I just thought, what the heck, they are doing what alot of others will sucker for. haha, and there's where the money is. here i am, thinking of how to survive.

Is it like that? Singapore has just this market. and what i listen to, is only on probably a couple of hundred other Singaporean's stereo as well, and that's it. half of which probably either still schooling and in NS or schooling and working at the same time, or even, not working at all..... no money to buy any record. then again, here i am, trying to do some stats.

well, having alot of ppl chipping in saying let's support the scene either on certain forums, awakening exchange, rock star forum, and others (some that are too disgusting for me) and i notice myself saying it quite alot of time as well. ending myself, where i am. and here i am thinking about how come i can make a lost at the last Return To Fall CD Launch Gig.......opps did i say that? but anyway, everything's cool. : ) I enjoyed myself, doing what i've been doing since 1999.

here i am thinking what i should do next...........

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