Sunday, May 12, 2002

one of the greatest time

gonna skip bulk of what happened in the early part of the day....
went to Wan's graduation exhibition at Expo. wow, awesome job he has there.
anyway, the day was about to end until there was only me and wan in my car, and we decided to drive around town aimlessly talking, listening to weaker thens and pedro the lion. ended up infront of PUB building talking for 2 hours with pedro the lion and mineral ringing in the background, raining outside the car. I must say, it had been a good conversation, about our dreams, passions and past bloopers in organising gigs. those days when we felt shitty when our public entertainment license didn't really pull through and yet we went on with the gig, and fearing that the police might just come and crashed the gig and arrest us. when ah boy (TNT) didn't show up on time to set up, when things aren't going the way we planned them to be.....and whole lot of bloopers......., we went on into the first ever gig we attended and how old we were back then, we talked about good old days of Moods Gigs, Roomful of Blues Local Nights, Area 22, Coreclub, BigO's New School Rock compilations and launch gigs, padres, Pagens, Odd fellas, Fish on Friday, AWOL.......sideshow judy, psychosonique, flying pills, opposition party, livonia, concave scream, humback oak.......many more memories....
thanks for a great night out wan : )

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