Thursday, May 30, 2002


spent half my afternoon in the office, doing some work, and the other half at far east work.....
wanted to cut my hair but didn't, really think i have a problem walking into a fancy hair salon. dun ask me why, always have that problem.

well, met up with joe and dee, went to carrefour, did some grocery shopping, headed back to Dee's place and cooked up a meal. although joe was waiting most of the time, i was trying to help out in the my fingers still have abit of garlic smell.....haha..... we had some great home cook food, salmon, vege, fried egg.....and i added pork floss to my rice.....yummy. hehe

thought we are suppose to meet up with the rest of the "gang" to celebrate wan's birthday but no one told me it's postphoned till tomolo. headed back home......uploaded some pictures to the ps website. i think i'm going to bed soon.

anyways, Dee did something sweet last night that made me felt so important in her life. she apparently woke up at about 2am and called me. i was at that time trying to sleep, but i felt totally great. plus the fact that i was feeling like shit yesterday night, she really is the greatest. thanks Dee. :)

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