Sunday, May 26, 2002

Sonic Edge

wow, that was quite an awesome gig just now. was late and missed jeremy's band's show, reached there just in time for Blyss's set.......
took some photos, you guys can view them in the photos section......

anyway, was sleeping the whole day off today, part of my resting to get better thingie. thought of not going out but i knew i had to. i locked myself home, infact my room for 3 days and needed to get out of it. have to recover in time for surreal's tour to KL in 2 weeks time. there are like 13 of us going.....going to play with Malaysia top indierock band ,Love Me Butch. should be some great experience. but i'm not any excited about this tour. maybe i'm just feeling tired. but i'm more looking forward to Whence He Came, they had agreed to another Singa Tour end of this year. So, that's should be some hack of a great time then....woohoo!

lastly, thanks for all the prayers and sms messages.....from close friends.....i really needed them.

oh yar, this is Goose's daughter ilarna

isn't she cute....hehe

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