Tuesday, May 21, 2002

who's turn izzit to cry this time?

first picture i took with my new sony digicam....woohoo!

anyway, I'm begining to love mondays. it's a rest day for ppl in my office. that's great isn't it.....i get to do my personal work, update my blog, work on other ppl's website (plainsunset, quite a kick arse site, thanks to the nice graphics from sham).... listenin to a new CD (Sounds from the Verve Hi-Fi) some jazzy compilation my friend Derek gave me. playing Tony Hawk Proskater 3 online with ppl i dunno.....which i think they cheated.....*hmmph!* but like all great days, they pass by fast....too fast.....

my mum is sick, having fever, so decided to stay at home for dinner, but as usual, when i'm sitting there munching away, she's either in her room, or this time, she left the house to visit the doctors. i so miss them, no more than 2 sentence in a conversation with them in a week. talk about staying with my parents. it's as good as staying out. but no, not gonna stay out. i must learn to be at home for diner more often.

Bad dreams are back again, and i really fear that they come to past. got a strange feeling something is drawing nearer. and i'm just preparing myself for it. Jesus did His part for me, now i have to do my part. must stand firm......

the chorus of Pedro the Lion's "The Bells" made me cry while i was driving the other day......
"Dad, I broke my promise to you.....
You wonder where I've been,
I thought I knew what I was doing,
I was wrong again.....
I understand son,
I understand son,
I understand......."

lastly, must learn to cheer up.....hahaha......I'm the Feh Lup Kid!!!!


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