Thursday, June 27, 2002


favez, a rockandroll band (from lausanne, switzerland)

borrowed the "a sad ride on the line again" album from Joe.....

not a very good choice for ppl who's heartbroken at the moment tho...

some lyrics
the man with forehead eyes you can't always be heartbroken said the man with forehead eyes but in case you feel constrained in case you fall there's a place where no one's wanted you go halfway down the hall and this time I won't be with you you'll go far these days these days these days we're always amazed these days these days all I do is just walk in the haze these days (just slide it in) all I do is just walk in a haze you'll untie the rope till morning but the needle's in the skin you go down and you go under you can come out of here hell it pays to make them wonder you'll never go back again so they says and the years you've had are over no one's here these days we're always amazed

slow down sorry grace you're almost a shadow faking the sorrow turn on the cancer show what a sad parade we're all confined to staying in and bored in the evening slacker complexion playing a chokebore song what a sad excuse we have for living slow down slow down you lost me you lost me now twenty years and no one to talk to nothing to tell you I'll write it all down instead what I'd say if I could argue more I try to paint or write or surprise you but I got no soul and I've had a life too priceless and sublime slow down you lost me

hur hur

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