Saturday, June 15, 2002


HA! what a set up! jammed with exladybug for the first time.....hehe, so exciting.....hahaha......made up of nizam (guitars) and shidah (vocals)......sessionist sham(drums), anne(keyboards) and me (bass) fun fun

then, sunday, gonna jam with Skyturnsgray, well, we are finalising on our band name, "pages torn" or "torn pages" hahaha.....tommy page.....hehehehe

bought a CD burner, but the damn device is conflicting with my PC. gotta find another day to properly install it. urrghh!

later today, there'll be a gig at jammerz pit. down at kaki bukit ave 1. go to for more details. then, will be heading back to my place for some ping pong and swimming.....hah! i think i gonna lepak at the jaccuzzi.

good night honey, there's no more need to cry anymore.....coz being emo is not gonna help you go anywhere......maybe elmo can help u out somehow......*tickle tickle*


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