Sunday, June 02, 2002

What a set up!?!

June 1st, operation aids gig @ youth park.

it's quite a "screw up", when the clock striked 11, the organisers has to stop the whole gig. well, i remember my first attempt of holding up a gig. also quite screwed up. so i believe in everyone has their first time, and well, quite feh lup, having to wait, and sweat, and run about. but then, ar well, it's over. and it's just a gig. whatever that can go wrong went wrong. so think some things can't just be taken to easily.....just didn't like the way some who went "You should have organise the gig properly", i don't think that's right to say. that's something i don't wanna hear when it's my first time putting up a show, and to receive such a low form of encouragement from someone. Well, to the organisers, too bad, better chance next time.

I personally didn't really enjoy the heat and i think that's about it.
Some evaluation :
my squared circle, marchtwelve and the moderates gig quite great sets..
Madnoor and Amran were silenced after their set, whereby they can't even say a thank you and good bye to the audience......quite anal there..
quite disappointed plainsunset couldn't play........
and also, The fairygodmother somehow sounds like they added some emo into their ska. sounds weird, plain weirdness.......

here's a pict of dewi, sorry ar dewi, hahaha, keep posting pictures of u, like how u say no one takes your picture....

the rest of the photos can be viewed on the photos page

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