Tuesday, July 02, 2002


dunno la...just so feh lup today (wat's new)......was trying to hook up with some friends to hang out in the afternoon, well, only milton responded. haha.....but it was all good. just didn't wanna be in any group more than 3 people. it was just mil and i, went to sim lim, then Ngee Ann City. then, mil had to leave, i had to go and meet dee anyway, picked her up at lavender, then i went to Far East Plaza as she went on to meet her friends for dinner. left me alone in FEPlaza. i bought myself a bag, loitered at Rastafari. the boss let me listen to the new Hey Mercedez album, one thing weird about this place. He sells Rasta stuffs, Nu-Metal T-shirts, Emo Tee shirts (i must say, i saw 2 get up kids tee, same design, same colour, different tee-shirt label tag, *wong*), weird rings (some very old skool), stickers that cost ard $6, CDs, does body piercing, keep asking me when i'm gonna get a tattoo, keeps pronoucing my iron mullet tee shirt as iron moolet, well, the only thing that was pleasing to hear was that he placed more CD orders......haha, and i'm sure he has problems with the PS boys, dunno why......hahaha......must have been too punk for him......but he's overall, well, abit zink sometimes, and he's alrite. the only time i reject him was when he ask me if i have a project band that's looking for a vocalist, he wants to give singing carreer a chance. well, i decline the generous offer.

well, met up with Dee and her friends, errmm, took some b&w photos for dee's friend a couple fo weeks ago, and well..................

suddenly, i feel damn tired......continue later, take nap now.......


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