Thursday, July 04, 2002


i'm still feh lup......

infact very.....haha (but still can laugh)

now i really have no answers to all if i say i have no answers, i really mean it. so don't ask me again.
i've been working really hard.....trying to get my accounts straight, touching up my files whenever possible, i dun have time for many things including my family, and sometimes Dee, i really felt bad that she had to leave and go home on her own today after home group. I'm glad she understands. The Sonic Camp is 2 days away......have to tidy up several arrangements. just hooked up a hip hop gig for the 21st of july. hope the teasers come out by tomolo. (i know it will, i have faith in him hur hur) i think i'm walking on the edge again.....if anything fails me in terms of time and arrangements.......i think there may be a screw up somehow or rather, but i'm able to handle it. guess i'm getting stronger. *wong* all the boys from the sonic crew starts school this week. they are all students. that means, i also dunno what that means......probably more work to come.

oh yar, have jamming tomolo.....not gonna reveal who......those guys have a box to show soon........

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