Friday, August 30, 2002


it's been quite a week. busy here, busy there, almost dunno what i'm suppose to do next. been practising really hard with surreal, getting all ready for the gig at youth park. and also sonic edge band...... tomolo at sonic edge..... gonna be another long day.
i think i'll be going to Union Square after the sonic edge if i still have the energy.

and yes, feh lup media is coming it's way..... i'm working on another site. hahaha... for Boon Studio..... hahaha, just wondering what it should be called. but it should be cool... imagine the email addy would be hahahaha...... sounds funny... talking about boon, hahaha, i remember back in the days, say, in 94?, when it's at it's first location along upper serangoon road... you know, the usual dodgy porn pictures sticked to the drum skin..... weird smell all over the place. no aircon in the waiting aread back then. i packed myself into studio C (the biggest back then) with 14 other boys from St Andrews, it's like a mini gig..... hahaha, everyone were playing their own stuffs. everything sounded bad in there... hahaha..... ended up, 10 of them left the studio and disappeared, leaving just the few of us playing silly C, Am, F, G songs..... and oh yes, played Apache..... hahaha... the few of us jammed with many other ppl, we were just basically inviting ppl to jam with us..... ahha..... aimless..... then we got ourselves a gig, i remember, down at Holland Village..... hur hur...... we were really lousy! hahahahaha...... anyways, back to boon..... yeah, there were like notices on the doors, walls which suggested that boon either loved bad english, or he's not english educated. i can't remember any of them, but they go something like stop music before door open or no loud song when open door hehehehe..... but it was cool, now somehow i sorta regret i didn't take photos of those studios....... well, that's so much for back then...... now boon has 3 full time staff, 6 studios running...... full range of equipment for rental, and he's been a great friend and working partner... i believe so many of the old skool local bands have their own memories jamming at boon. 3 cheers to boon.....



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