Friday, August 02, 2002

interesting facts of life

ermm, today's cool..... dee and i finally finished our pre-marital councelling thingie with our one on one interview just now. woohoo! we are now sure of what's ahead of us...... hahaha.....i'm serious.....

anyway, been pretty much busy, working and all, dee is super stressed out with her work. i'm worried for her. just hope that things will be back to normal..... well, more work to come for me as well, esplanade testing thingie, i'm rostered for sonic edge band this month. recording's gonna start really soon. but wait... i'm looking forward to a trip in Sept. hehe, planning stage, not like really really confirm. but i'm looking forward to it. Sept should be fun. got a gig to play and the trip.....

well, nothing much to add here, not been taking much photos as well, but i will this coming saturday..... going to the esplanade with plainsunset...... take some poser band photos.....hahaha


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