Monday, September 23, 2002


well, it's home visiting day for dee and i today. was at the Glenn and Suelynn's place all afternoon after church. then head of to another friends place..... nothing really much happened today. just lepak.

yes, tessa is gone..... i bet she'll strike back on my tag board as soon as she gets a chance..... but i'm not sure...... it's very hard...

you know? i was still thinking that i can have a day off tomorrow. like just go do my own things, get a haircut, send my car for servicing...... till i remembered, ALAMAK!, need to work....... hah! have to wake up so early tomolo, think i'll leave the car servicing till i return from HK. still have to get a haircut. probably try to do it on Wednesday or something. flying off on thursday morning, still haven got everything sorted out as yet. so like most of the ppl i know... haha.... suddenly, like rite now, i just remember, 2 jobs i have to take care of on Wednesday!!! ARRGHH!!! but lucky one of them at NUS and the other at NUH. still waiting for my pay to come through, need to change some cash. better jot down what i need to do..... arrghh!

ok, go!

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