Sunday, September 29, 2002

tokyo day 4

wow, it's supposedly my last day here, tomolo, i have to wake up at 0630 get ready and head off to the airport. i guess it's about 2hrs or so? i dunno man, rather be safe then sorry... haha...

for guitarist only

i went to this street, can't remember the street name off hand, it has about 7 musical instrument shops. there's this one that sells vintage guitars, all the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s model les pauls, fenders, grestch, in mint condition, not cheap at all.... all ranges around S$3000 and above. saw many sunburst and goldtops les pauls. well, that's for guitars, i bought a Jap tele... muahahaha... very cheap.... lacquered maple neck, ash body, vintage tex pickups.... super twang! *twang* *twang* *twang*
saw a tube screamer ts9/808 mod. going for S$500......urgghh!!! too expensive. many vintatge pedals as well, just too expensive... haha... still i thought the tele is really cheap.... considering it's almost the same price as the ts9/808....... hahaha
^^^^guitarist section ends^^^^

anyways, will be meeting tony to go to a show tonight, should be fun, can't wake for it. i think i wanna spend some time sitting somewhere and just take pictures of ppl... hahaha, please pray for me that i won't get into trouble, they probably might mistake me for taking dodgy pictures....hahaha

oh yar, talk about dodgy, there was this fella sitting beside me just now surfing porn and reading porn comics... feels like slapping him...hahaha...

for bands only

so, any takers? we can get some shows here, just that, the tour might cost up to S$2000 per person.... inclusive of air ticket, transport (probably need to take a bus to Osaka and other major cities) and food (RAW is WAR!!!) hahaha....and alot of dishes has pork.... well, they do have vegetarian...just more expensive... average meal here is S$10..... well..... hah!
^^^^band section ends^^^^

ok, time to go wonder around.... ciaoz...

guess next stop would be HK....


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