Friday, September 27, 2002


yesh, toched down last night, i dun have internet access at where im putting up at.... well, just this morning bought quite abit of records.. shall not mention what i bought... hah!

still trying to get use to this place, and yes, this keyboard im using sucks. anyway, nice weather of 18 degrees, i walked all day, found out to come to tokyo, u dun go to tokyo... hah! the tokyo subway station leads me only to their version of shenton way, i felt so out of place.... the subway and railway lines are complicated, not to mention there are a few companies running these stations and lines. but doubt i will get lost. haven been taking much photos either, too caught up by the people here.. haha....

i shall not blog anymore, need to spend some time clearing my mailbox. anyway, my friend tony is bringing me to a few shows this weekend, hope they will be great.

later peeps

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