Sunday, October 20, 2002

catching up

it's been great catching up with friends, having dinner, do some shopping, overdosage of coffee..... and end up not being able to sleep. hah! anyways, it's all good.
My other project band, Speed Camera Ahead's gonna jam tomolo.... getting ready for Sonic Edge Nov. come to think about it, i haven't got the poster done up yet. not to mention, printing it out for next week's service. but i have got the concept all thought up and it should be fun working on it.

brain dead..... have got to spring up a few more websites, including Sonic Edge Band's site, Godschildmusic site and also loading up the all new revamped website, done by Dewi.... it's very nice... i love it alot.... just have to touch up some scripts... dewi, if u are reading this, yeah, the CSS script..... errmm.... i'm touching it up... hur hur... but it's really a fantastic job..... haven load it up as yet....
it's hard to figure out what's wrong, what's right, what not to do, why we do certain things..... like how i was talking to a friend earlier today about this issue..... it's really not easy..... but thinking about it, rather be living without guilt and fear than to go on falling.......


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