Friday, October 04, 2002


I'm flying back today....woohoo! kinda miss alot of you guys, figured, yeah, hong kong is a place u dun stay too long in, or else u will be broke. it's a very typical thing. things u see in japan can be found here in hong kong at a cheaper price. which could be found in Singapore even in a more affordable price range but well, you might have to wait 1 year later.
i recall my first trip here to HK alone, 2 years ago, i bought some tees and they can only be found in Singas late last year i believe.
but somehow i think i still wanna do some last minute shopping before coming back here at 3pm to start packing my luggage. it's somewhat unpackable... hah! on second thoughts, i think i should start unpacking and repacking them now... the vinyls and cds are taking up the most space. since the shops i wanna go to dun open till like 1pm or 2.... probably can go there after lunch.

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