Wednesday, October 16, 2002

illegal eagles

yeap, was at Kallang Theatre since 10am this morning. hah!

wow, u name it, the band.. wooh! one classic Mullet cum jock with cowboy hat, tight jeans and cowboy boots. hah! even one of the stage hands turned and asked me discreetly, and also in hokkien, "eh, why that fella got breast one?" hahaha!

the whole show went well, sounds great... the songs were great... u know, the normal, witchy woman, hotel california, desperado, new kid in town..... that mullet must be wearing XS sized tights beneath those tight jeans. all those high foreseto unreachable pitches...... wooh! not nice.....hur hur hur.....

it's really quite a day... it's one of those 12 hrs work days. 10am till 12mn. urggh... but the sound was great. loudest i believe so far since Kallang Theatre became a theatre in the early 80s. am very tired now, it's not a bad day after all, just that i think i regretted, was that i didn't bring my camera along..... hahahaha......

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