Tuesday, December 17, 2002


aiyah, who cares about what happened in 89..... i was only sec 2 back then and all i can remember is that i was in a very bad situation, the class was wrong, all boys, even tho it's a mix school, all the gals are in different classes.... so sad. just remembered that most of us are idiots. (including myself), into sports, not into chinese lessons (infact not into any of the rest of the subjects, but chinese was like, bleah!) the only good thing about school back then is that i stay 5mins away from it, and that's cool..... always stay back alittle late to watch the gals do their usual netball/volleyball practices (eventho there isn't any practices, they are still there). everyone is like crazy... including myself, used to hang out at the bookshop. oh yar, was working for the bookshop during school holidays packing books for the following year. hah! will cycle to work during those days in my imitation model of a GT BMX (but all mod up with those things that i never needed) earning about $3/hour, work about 8 hours a day. will always be the one to cycle out to a near by coffeeshop to buy lunch and all... will also try to compete with a fellow colleague to see who packed faster... got myself a walkman at the end of the semester..... then later realising, i cannot bring it to school... and figured i wasted my money on it, cos i wun be able to use it at all.... how dumb... hehe
besides all this, nothing much is worth any memories at all...... 89 was just like a yeah... oh wait... i think that's the year i started learning the guitar.... haha..... went to my first gig, think it was a gingerbread one... haha....


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