Friday, December 13, 2002

i need more time for her

it's been a crazy weekend and week... now, have to squeeze in time for Dee... i hope tonight's dinner will be all good...... it's her sista's birthday, and i was invited over to her place for dinner..... and i will say, "yes, i will not go anywhere else but to be with u this evening.....!!"

The Feh Lup Kid (8:49 AM) :
happy birthday! :)
Charis (8:53 AM) :
Charis (8:53 AM) :
wheres my present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
The Feh Lup Kid (8:54 AM) :
haven buy yet...

shucks, i have to meet mazlan in 30 mins..... ok, just a small confession as well, it sucks when u have to work on a event and someone as big as rhcp is in town and u can't go watch them..... hahahahahaha

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