Thursday, December 19, 2002

we love emo acit

yes, this is a tribute post to acit.
altho i doubt he would read this..... haha..... but who cares......

this will be the band names that we have came up with over beer (some of us coke) one stormy nite
Acit is the reason
Acit Confessional
Acit the Lion
Taking Back Acit
Acit seems Forever
The Acit record
Guided by Acit
Jets to Acit
The Acit Ring
Acit Front Drive
Sunny Day Acit Estate
Death Cab for Acit
Acit's Best
and last but not least
Hey Ibrahim

this posting is sponsored by
Undertable Records
- If you can't beat them..... beat them......

i offered to stick one emo sticker on his newly bought $400 helmet and he ran away, still wondering why........

cheers bro.....

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