Tuesday, January 14, 2003

and i couldn't get to see the

dentist... arrgghh! need to make appointment... but the sore isn't that bad now, more or less got used to the pain..... after living with it for 4 days.... i didn't know how i pull thru with that...... thank you those who were worried......

well, got a haircut, did some acoustic guitar shopping, shopping, went jamming, but the highlight of the day would be having to spend the last hour out driving ard with dee, and just talking...... i wish we can do that more often..... cost quite abit..... but it's nice. the drive started after dropping sham and amran at snakeweed studios... then we actually drove past the railway station, lau pasat, chinatown, world trade centre, Har Par Villa, NUS, Singapore Poly, Holland Village, Church of Our Saviour (our church), Tanglin Mall, Lido, the old times house, Clark Quay, Chinatown again, then back to Cantoment Close...... at he end of it all, we spent some time praying...... it was all good.....

current car music -
Pretty Girls Make Graves : Good Health
Coheed and Cambria - The Second Stage Turbine Blade
The Datsuns - S/T
Favez - A Sad Ride on the Line Again
Pedro The Lion - Whole EP
Pedro The Lion - The Only Reason I Feel Secure
Pedro The Lion - Winners Never quit
Buddhistson - (pre mastered/released forthcoming album) + Whence He Came - The Lonely Road demo
The Gloria Record - Start Here + A Lull in Traffic
Last Days of April - Ascends To the Stars

Coheed and Cambria totally rocks..... so does Pretty Girls Make Graves... so does The Datsuns...... so does my car's stereo!!! haha!
Josh and Ephraim passes me one of their acoustic version of The Lonely Road, which i think is going to be featured in some compilation or something..... and oh yes, this 2 sexy boys have their own blog...... hah!

anyways, happy blogging..... time for me to sleep.....


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