Sunday, January 19, 2003

The Appleseed Cast

this band does trip the hell out of me..... been listening so much of it, i can't even differentiate which album is which now, just know that it is appleseed cast......
anyways, been hard to update anything lately, had a damn bloody scaling(if that's the way to spell it) job the dentist gave me yesterday morning..... blood was just everywhere..... haha... the only thing that distracted me most was the mask the dentist wore... it's one of those plastic shield with a ring where u wear them on the forehead... looks like a toy, (if it's not transparent, it looks like a welder's face mask)... she looks funny in it anyways, there were ocassions when she ask me why i smile..... haha

i'm in the middle of working on a new blog..... it will belong to dee and myself... the road till marriage and beyond....... things have started, just working on the design, what it should have and what goes on it.....

there's a flee market at zouk later, you going?

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