Saturday, February 08, 2003

bye bye angel

yeaps, that small little creature left today, seeing her off wasn't too pleasant, becoz i knows of her fustration in her..... plus her mum and granny were like so emo all the time....... she tags me her bestest friend..... hah! angel, i know why, becoz i'm not ur best friend... hehe

anyways, so much for today, as for tomolo? kinda dun feel too excited about the gig. even thought it's our last gig with Milton as drummer as he leaves on monday to further his beautifying trip to aussieland..... i can tell, when he was showing off his baywatch photos of him 5 years ago..... hahaha... but definitely not too excited about the gig tomolo... but if anyone of u decide to come, that would be cool, coz we can built sand castles together....... hah!

Smiles are always good, but i have came across few who can give that kinda smile that would pierce ur heart so bad u wanna slap him/her..... so if 1 day u get slap by me..... hah! kua kua~

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