Wednesday, February 05, 2003

the truth is out there

it's been cold tonight..... too cold infact......
was so cool to meet up with all the "members of parliment" for lunch at anne's yesterday..... tho i have to leave earlier to work in the studios..... the food was great, thanks anne... it's so cool the feeling that all of us can share a meal together especially on special occasions, at least we know what are the right things to share......

but i still wanna catch up with some people, so don't be surprise if i call u up.......

at the mean time, go to the kitchen... it's been some time, but it's a cool effort and nice snaps there too...... cheers...

one last thing

it's a NUS biz comm organised beach party happening at Sentosa. some top 40s dance tent, trance/techno tent... and they got a couple of bands to play at the chill out tent....

6.00pm Farfetched
6.30pm Afro-Espanyol
7.00pm Surreal
7.30pm Plain Sunset
8.00pm Kel
8.30pm Vertical Rush
9.00pm Eniale
9.30pm Pug jelly

more info at

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