Monday, March 17, 2003


it's strange listening to songs from your own band..... it brings back more memories than your usual overplayed cassette u have in your walkman on your way to school on a bus or that CD that skips quite a little that u have in your discman on the way to work..... u know, the works, the walks, the breathlessness, the sweat, the heat, the smelling armpits after the gig, the blinding spot lights... (like machiam now rockstar like that, haha)

just the other day, i happen to bump into some photo albums of the older surreal (consisting myself, glenn and john heng)... photos of our melaka trip, new zealand trip..... there was this picture i took which was taken on the 2nd day at NZ, when we had to walk like 2 hours (thank God it was about 14 degrees and also that kind soul that gave us a ride after that 2 hours which made the trip shorter by another 2 hours) to the festival ground we were playing at..... the walk is almost like a walk from orchard mrt to marina square and back... sheesh..... i should try to dig up some of those photos and post it here..... will do that another day... photos are at the office.. heh

well, if u wanna get a taste of a rough surreal mix... u can download them here...

2)the proposal song
(right click, save target as... get u to hear the song without disruption hehe)

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