Tuesday, March 11, 2003

How To Start A Fire

just like how i can enjoy a peaceful Monday Offdays, Tuesdays are just the opposite of mondays for me, it's the longest day of the week for me, but gotta thank God that it starts only from 11am... but ends ard 11pm... haha... ben from this Hong Kong based band "The Love Song" who is also air stewarding for Cathay Pacific dropped by the shop today..... hah! I felt bad not been able to show him ard much..... and he sorta got alittle disappointed to find out that the Pan Am bag is "not for sell". sorry bro, i'm not the boss for bags... heh..... anyways, love to hang out with him more, so like he's Hot Cross Teeshirt... he totally looks great in small shirts, i wish i same... but anyways, let's not go there..... hah! but it was quite cool, we communicated mostly in Cantonese and a mixture of Engrish here and there..... and left the boys sitting ard the table kinda trying to figure what we actually talked about.... that was fun..... and as for u josh, we bitched alot about u! :P quite exciting to find out what a rockstar ben's brother nic is..... playing for so many bands, touring in europe and all... must be tough.. with the tstgu (tsim sha tsui gay loh university), i still cannot stand it, cracks me up everytime..... not what the band does, but the name hahaha......

anyways, here's

Furtherseemsforever's latest album how to start a fire totally kicks ass... powerful vocals, powerful riffs.. totally rocking.. it's also in stock at the wakemeupmusic shop... hah! (shamless advertisement) i'm sure it will run out fast... hah!

listen here

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