Thursday, April 24, 2003

excuse me

i guess, life's been generally great. it is still very hard to believe, yet very exciting about getting our own place. shopping for household appliances, make tough decisions on which colour, top loading or side loading, microwave or conventional ovens, white or black coated, tile or cement, swing or bi-fold doors, sliding or casement..... i guess dee really did a great job... i really love how she works and all, it has been so much work i realise, like design, find the materials, figure out what works with what, time schedule from comencement of work till the end.. which contractor comes in first and do what... trouble shooting, plan electric wiring, TV points, telephone points, choose lighting, switches, theme of the house, furniture, appliances..... and so on..... so here's a big shout out to Dee.. love her so much...

anyways, as usual, i think i better get back to bed..

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