Thursday, April 10, 2003

scaring thoughts

wow, so wat's the situation now? wat would you do if:
1)you feel feverish?
2)you look in the mirror and sees nothing but everything in red?
3)whatever you do, you think of that ledge outside your flat?
4)every CD/MP3/MD u play, all u hear is Queen?
5)the word Flower comes into mind in everything u try to describe?

aiyoh..... hahaha..... ok, ignore me... i'm just typing nonsense.....

I slept from 9pm till now... it's almost 6am, and i just woke up... felt feverish last nite before bible study, so thought i better come home first before everyone things i have SARS. heh... or do i? It's so freaky, was just listening to some gossips... and found out that people's reaction to wearing of mask recently is so uncertain..... some laugh but yet have that uncertainty whether if it's a laughin matter? others just merely gives a smile and dunno how to response... we read off the press someone in either japan or hong kong (well, i just took a glance off the news the other day.. haha) there are custom made colourful mask around...... well apparently CNN reports of someone who came up with Ties that can be use as mask in times of need as well..... wat a time for opportunist to come up with such marketing ideas, when we get news of 20 over nurses in SGH were admitted into TTSH..... poor thing.. they are first avoided in public areas/transport. wot a sad sad reality......

my prayers goes to all those working hard, risking their lives in the hospital...

[playing at the background : miles davis]

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