Monday, May 19, 2003

3 letter sessions

birth out from emo sessions gig a few years back, i intended it to feature bands playing in that particular gig. it featured bands like plainsunset, my squared circle, marchtwelve, gloria and surreal. even thought ti's a 6 songs compilation, i thought i was a good start for some kinda series, thus, i told sham back then to imprint a faint letter "A" on the cover design and was entitled "The 3 letter sessions, A sub-c compilation, hoping that there'll be a next one. and true enuff, i think i'm putting up the next one this year. still waiting for submissions... first off, disclaimer, the 3 letter sessions is not some emo compilation, it's just a compilation series under wakemeupmusic. and featured bands need not be under the wakemeupmusic lablel, bands featured includes pension state, kate of kale, gloria, surreal, plainsunset, my squared circle, vertical rush, pugjelly etc..... i must say, the kate of kale track is hilarious.. haha! totally hilarious..... so, when it comes out..... do try to get ur hands on them.......

I'm still in the process of thinking of a title for it..... prolly something cheesy..... prolly something like "the 3 letter sessions B - "a sunday morning cheese prata compilation" or maybe The 3 letter sessions - "B'tween you and I"

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