Wednesday, May 14, 2003


came across this book on the net, i'm not sure if it's the same one in Snakeweed (there's a similar one there)... i've ordered 4 copies, thinking that some of u might want it....
all proceeds go directly to the syrentha savio endowment to help assist low-income cancer patients with treatment. even if i put it at the shop, there will be no mark up.... but it's almost 30USD when i ordered... so i didn't dare to order much... u can place the order online as well... just go to Beemerkid

here's the writeup on the web
Stealing Time is a coffee table book of photography that chronicles the last 13 years of
Mark Beemer�s music experience. From indie-favorites like Fugazi and Jets to Brazil to
local heroes like Kid Dynamite and Circus Lupus, here are 62 of the musicians and bands
that have influenced and shaped Beemer�s work. 100% of the profits from book sales will
go to the Syrentha Savio Endowment.

Portraits and Live Shots of: Ashes / Battery / Better Than A Thousand /
Blue Tip / Circus Lupus / The Curse / Damnation a.d. / Disembodied / The Donnas /
Euphone / The Explosion / In My Eyes / Insted / Jets To Brazil / Fishbone / Fugazi /
The Get Up Kids / Good Clean Fun / Good Riddance / Kid Dynamite / Mighty Mighty
Bosstones / Mudhoney / Murphy�s Law / Nation of Ulysses / New End Original / Paint
It Black / The Promise Ring / Quicksand / Henry Rollins / Snapcase / Strike Anywhere /
Texas Is The Reason / Trial By Fire / Worlds Collide / and many more.

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