Sunday, June 22, 2003

TGR wrote

In other news we are playing a show or two on the way to record in the beginning of July. Check the coordinates section for those confirmations. Also, two days after returning we fly to Singapore for our first trip beyond North America in mid-July to play the Baybeats Festival. If you live in that area please find out the info somehow and come say hello. We have no idea what to expect really, but are excited. (Early discussions about this trip when it was first proposed found the five of us arguing whether Singapore was a city in China, the capital of Thailand, or an island resort in the Bahamas-- okay, I'm kidding about that last one). But now we know, and feel certain we could place it on a map, but still have no idea what to expect other than a clean city where people seem to have lots of money, and don't take too kindly to sidewalk-spitters.

sial la...... hahaha..... so exciting......

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