Wednesday, August 13, 2003

3lettersession, 3 weeks update

i've been sitting too long on it...... but just confirmed the line up in the compilation

the 3 letter sessions B compilation will feature 14 bands.
2.whence he came
3.elisebelle tears
4.this body broken
8.marchtwelve squared circle
10.kate of kale
11.pension state
12.59 minutes
14.vertical rush

very much seems like a compilation one year late...... but anyway, it should be one heck of a compilation..... but first, i must get my arse into working on it......

it's been tough getting back on track...... after baybeats, i took a one week off, shifting and moving to my new place, alot of packing's been done, moving about, getting amongst the dust, throwing loads of rubbish...... watching loads of TV.....
afterwhich. i went on to work for another week... then came the wisdom tooth extraction, well, at least this time, i'm glad the extraction was done without the influence of any infection (not like the last 2 whereby i fought with having some gum infection). but it's tough but am glad it's all another week of MC..... but infact, with the LA still on, i went on to jam with surreal that very day i got the tooth extracted. until i realise, the LA wore off half way thru the jamming...... haha! that was one bloody gauze... hahahaha!
this time, i really rest, spent most of my time at home. and due to the fact that i do not have any internet connection, i was hooked on to cable TV..... watching national geographic, discovery channel and most of the time, the chinese drama channel..... long live channel 55! hah! well, there's nothing much i could actually do...... hehehe.....
but that basically sums up my last 3 weeks......
the only bummer now is that i'm having computer problems, think i need to reformat my hard disk..... which actually sucks big time..... but let's see...... maybe i should get a new system running... think it's about time to get a new comp fund going......

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