Monday, October 27, 2003

chinese custom 2

well, since angel asked...... here's a list of what i had to bring home...
1)baby bathtub
2)plastic wash basin
3)toothbrush x 2
5)plastic mug
6)shower sponge
7)soap x 6
8)face towels x 10
9)plastic "Tam Tong"
10)clogs x 2pr
11)comb x 2
13)bowls x 10
14)chopsticks x 10pr
15)soup spoons x 10
16)cups x 4 (super retro old skool tupperware!)
17)moth balls (??)
18)sewing kit (in that heart shape xuan xi box)
20)bed side lamps

no chicken, no goats.....

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