Sunday, October 26, 2003

just another day

i've got too many things to worry about, thus, throwing some loads off my back would be a nice thing to do. haven't been spending anytime with anyone in particular except Dee. it's been great. running thru the things we've got for our wedding. sending out invites, planning our honeymoon. the past month's been killer, with the ps launch party, and going thru quite abit just trying to get the sound system going in the venue... it's even more difficult than baybeats i must say. dee's been exhausted running part of the wedding planning on her own that week. but anyways, it's over by now, and i've just recovered and is back in action.

ginette and nick came over to our place to take some holga shots of dee and I, which i will spend some time over the next week trying to arrange it for my wedding album. we are grateful, bought both of them sushi... :)

we managed to catch 15 @ lido as well. both of us are pretty tired today. yet, it's a good relief package that movie is..... well, alot of emo scenes..... alot of other funny scenes as well, i could have given it a 9 out of 10 if not for the sound design...... it could have been better..... in perfect cuts and stuff...

as for now, i just hope that things can be better for you....... you and you...... and you......

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