Wednesday, November 26, 2003


it�s so different here in barcelona. so....... old skool... haha! didn�t really update the past few days because it cost alot more to access internet here.
spent alot of time walking around.... went to gaudi�s unfinished (and still) temple and also his residence. feeling arty-farty. going to picasso�s museum today. amzaing hostel we stayed in. this is a lovely place. sunshine, cool weather of average 13degrees. not as cold as madrid. really love it here.... the only thing is, food.... can�t exactly get use to the food here and they are expensive. urrgghhh..... anyways, will be flying off tomorrow.. hah! can�t wait to get back home actually..... missed all the fishball noodles.... curry chicken.... duck noodles..... and the chilli crabs.... uurrgghhh!!!!!

oh yar.... here are some of the photos from my wedding thanks to djulian....
checkz it out
and also albert�s ones
checkz it out

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