Monday, December 15, 2003


to make up for my absense tomolo... hah! i really wanna go and support Muon! but if u read this..... go go go!

Venue: The Substation
Date: 15th & 16th December 2003
Time: 7.30pm
Tickets: $8 (one day pass) $14 (two day pass)
on sale at The Substation box office

Showcase of electronic music and live visual mixing.

Viola! (Kinemat)
The Analog Girl
MUON (Wallwork Records)
Skrooloose (Don Richmond)
Walls of Silence vs 3 Goddess (My Funky Turntable)

Live Visual Mixers:
Dekonstrukt (Kinemat)

Featuring bands playing to the theme of Aural Soundscapes.

Aspidistra Fly (Kitchen)
I am David Sparkle
BigRed.Moment (Wallwork Records)
Astreal (Wallwork Records)

The Tesseract is a 2-day event showcasing the best in progressive Singapore music, organised by Swilk and Styra, supported by The Substation and sponsored by the National Arts Council.

Featuring prominent artists involved in music employing traditional means and multimedia technologies, The Tesseract creates more novel approaches to sound and its performance. Beyond the aural domain, it provides a fully immersive experience through equal emphasis on the �live� visual component interlacing reiteratively with the music

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