Wednesday, January 21, 2004

i have gone into hidding for awhile.

partly occupied with work, partly lazy took over...all sorts of excuses perhaps.I am adjusting to married life, making coffee for myself in the morning, learning the skills of using a microwave overn & finding ways to please my in-laws etc...

as for john & myself, we are doing okay... we experience some turbulence times too like he gets mad with me with things & likewise...i guess that is alright so long we wake up every morning and deep within our hearts we know i still love this person enough to accept who he is and forgive what he had done the night before. that is perhaps my defination of love & commitment. knowing that we are all to work this out...

as chinese new year is coming, we will be doing a fair bit of entertaining at home. we love people basically and i don;t mind more... i mean people coming to our home, warming the seats and freshen the air. lately, john had also been pestering me abit more about "family extension" which i am now praying. used to be ascary thought(to an effect like having roaches in the house!) now, i will just commit to the Lord.

for those who are not in the CNY mood due to some reasons...i hope you will be strong to hold yourself up, dunn fred...the Lord is in control still.

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