Wednesday, January 14, 2004

it's been quite awhile

but i'm ready.
i remember back in those days, whereby I use to handle 2 to 3 events in a month. tonnes of work to do back then, even landed me into the hospital a couple of times. come feb, there will be a series of about 3 shows. and i guess it's gonna be a tough, but with the help of friends whom i loved so dear, we can do it!

it's the new year, like how someone just emailed me lately, the past has gone, and the new has come. i just wanna take this time also to encourage those of you who reads this to know that it's a brand new beginning, just like how winter's gone and spring has come, everything should be brand new, like how we celebrate either for it to be chinese new year, hari raya..... we all wear new cloths.... get yourself some new year resolutions and go forth the year happy. there are many sides of emotions apart from being sad all the time.....


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