Sunday, January 25, 2004


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The statements already made by Jason Gleason regarding his departure from Further Seems Forever are not official announcements from the band and were disseminated by him alone. In the following statement, the band hopes to bring the objective truth to light without the taint of personal feelings. We refuse to sully our music with any "sordid" details of Jason's departure, yet we feel that our fans deserve to know the course of events that have lead to the demise of FSF. Hopefully, the following will accomplish just that.

In the tail end of the recording process for our upcoming album, after the music lay complete and awaiting vocals, Jason e-mailed us to announce that he was leaving Further Seems Forever without explanation. While we were aware that he was not fully satisfied with membership in the band, through the course of many encouraging discussions Jason assured us that we had worked out our problems and he remained committed to us. His decision left our music as a proverbial hostage as we now had no way to finish the album. This left the remaining members of the band in an artistically and legally precarious situation. It also left the band as a whole and its remaining members in financial ruin. Tooth and Nail was also left in a bind. As our label they had already spent money and time to complete the project. Jason's decision to leave at this time had negative effects that stretched far beyond the band. After much discussion between the parties involved and our label, the situation has now become cordial. Jason has verbally agreed to complete the album with us, bringing our last project as FSF to fruition. We believe in the music enough to share it with others despite the now certain disbanding of FSF.

We are also 100% committed to bringing you our music personally on the up coming Tooth and Nail Tour. However, Jason has not yet informed us as to whether he will do the tour with us. We wish him the best in future endeavors regardless of his decision.

As a band, FSF in all forms, has experienced together the full range of human emotions, from sorrow to elation. We have all been emotionally bruised by the course of events. Finally, we want all the fans to know what they have meant to us. In times of stress and disunity, the faith and love of "our people" has been a consolation; much more than that it has been a confirmation that all we have done is not in vain. Our music mattered to you and, therefore, achieved its most hoped for effect. The remaining members of the band will continue to create music together in the near future, as we have done for the past 10 years.

Thank you and God Bless,


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