Tuesday, February 24, 2004

camo crazy

today's my off day. getting on with my wall art project together with Ken. but ken's doing most of the work..... hehe..... i just art direct! HAH! (not shy)
it's been fruitful. Ken came over, we went to buy spray cans. started doing some camo on my wall... hah! ken's been really helpful. he's with this art collective called "Cloud". and he's leaving for wellington on wednesday...... how sad. looks like dee and I gotta finish off some of the parts.
but anyways, ken, if u are reading this, i did some touch up on the camo. hehe...
speaking of which, i just bought a vans slip-on and a pair of berms..... all camo..... i think i miss army..... hahahahahah....... not!

inbetween all that, gotta send dee to the doctor, buy ken dinner and also went for my christian electronic arts jam. hah! featuring jerome, jon chan, issac and myself, this saturday at Sonic Edge! well, it's basically me and issac creating electronic noise and jerome and jon just do the painting... quite fun..... althought i seem to have too much equipment to set up. a microkorg, moogerfooger linked up with a delay, phaser and tremolo, and also using an air synth...

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