Wednesday, February 11, 2004

the old has gone, the new has come

i've been commited to try manage a band for the past 3 years, not sure if i've done a great job, but it's sure fun. having to put up with their nonsense, i myself have got influenced by them very much as well..... especially the nonsense part. hah! I've made really good friends out of it all, knew more people, and it somehow slam down some false truths and formed really great friendship between us.
At the day of The Epilogue....... i'm really at a fix. it's one of the hardest show i have ever put together. but i'm happy with the crew, for putting in the effort. the video screen, the latterns, the coordination, the sound, the video crew, the photographers.... and everyone else including those who gave me the "i wanna kill you" stare..

well, the new.......
the new is coming!

and also
I'll be away in March! hah! solo trip to Austin Texas! SXSW..... HERE I COME!!!! WOOHOO!!!


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