Monday, March 22, 2004

it's finally over

actually, quite a relief. it's been overloading everyday. i was calculating, like throughout the 4 days, there must have been like 1000 acts. official ones plus non official ones plus the street buskers and all.... just too overwhelming.
but still, i'm going for one last show tonight. hah! afterwhich, i think i'll do my last entry here in austin and i'll be off to the airport. it's been quite a trip. making new friends, meeting my favourite bands, the eating experience was great... was at a vegan restaurant yesterday for brunch. tried some really good vietnamese beef noodles, enjoyed every breakfast i've got... they have REAL tacos (made by mexicans)... and also.... i didn't expect this....

yes, crockett street... (personal joke)

the unborn

hah! one more week old... yay! next monday! i can't wait till next monday!!!!!!!! ARRGGHH!!!

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